Premiered in March 2008
Arterio Theater, Kawasaki Art Center

International Drama Reading Festival - Special program

Mutterings of an anonymous individual tell the happiness of peace, stability and wealth. Between the taken-for-granted privileges in capitalist society and a haunting sense of mission, a young woman’s psyche falls apart, unnoticed. Ready to blow herself up, she was dreaming of the world’s end.

In 2005, Yukari took part in co-directing a drama reading performance under the supervision of the director Hatsumi Abe. The Japan premiere of the then-unknown German-born play was reached through research and discussions by a team of a translator, a dramaturge, artists and actors.

Using the same stage script, Yukari continued working on BOMBSONG. After 3 years of repeat performances and rehearsals, she finally developed a unique direction plan.

—Tomorrow morning I will ride the train—
Through this play, the audience will encounter the actor, or the other, to face an eternal and insoluble question. A neighbor is going to commit crime tomorrow. We spend time with her and hear her whole life story. Now, what can we do, for her tomorrow?

Text: Thea Dorn
Translation: Tatsuki Hayashi
Direction: Yukari Sakata
Supervision: Hatsumi Abe

Cast: Miho Inatsugu, Takako Abe (KADEN Theater Company)
Video: Koki Ibukuro
Lighting: Naoki Kinoshita (Factor Co., Ltd.)
Music: Hiroshi Ueno
Sound: Hiromu Tanokura
Stage design: Junpei Mori, Hitoha Tsuda