Director / Artist

Born 1987 in Tokyo, Sakata began composing music at a young age. In 2005, she entered Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment, where she found her interests lay in theatrical arts and started directing. After graduating she took part in numerous productions as a technician in theatres all over Japan. These included 3 years at SPAC (the Shizuoka Performing Arts Centre) where she had the opportunity to collaborate with theatre companies from across the world. Whilst working at SPAC, Sakata started her career as an independent theatre director. she directed “Rashomon” in collaboration with Al-Kasaba Theatre from Palestine. In recent years, she has experimented with applying the ideas and techniques of theatre to the format of the exhibition. Her long-term project “Dear Gullivers” with the architect Jorge Martín García was featured in the Spanish pavilion at the 16th Venice Biennale in 2018. Sakata employs collaboration with existing narratives as a means of attempting artistic interventions in communities. She is currently an assistant professor at the Tokyo University of the Arts.

2009 B.A. in Musical Creativity and Environment, Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai)
2018 Exchange International Student at Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Greece
2019 M.A. in Global Art Practice, Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai)

2018 BEPPU PROJECT Kashima Artist in Residence in Los Angeles, USA

2019 First Prize in Global Art Practice from Tokyo University of the Arts

[Show History]
2019 Spring Board 2019 (Ueno Break Station Gallery, Tokyo)
2019 Closing Performance for George Stamatakis Solo Exhibition “Wooden Garden” (Gallery K, Tokyo)
2019 “Nobody’s Place/Nowhere’s Map (Japanese Version)”
(Tokyo University of Fine Arts Graduation Works Exhibition)
2018 “Tera” (Festival/Tokyo 18, Saiho-ji Temple, Tokyo)
2018 “Dear Gullivers” (Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018, Spanish Pavillion)
2018 “Nobody’s Place/Nowhere’s Map” (9th Painting Studio, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens)
2018 “FREEDOM” (Basement Gallery, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens)
2018 “OTON Project” (Organized by Onassis Cultural Center, Athens)
2018 “Translucent Landscapes” (Matsumura Gift Shop, Los Angeles)
2017 “Khail Taiha” Written by Adnan Alaoda [Syria]
(Sponsored by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan and Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute / UNESCO, Tokyo)
2017 “Dear Gullivers” (Cookhouse Gallery – Chelsea Collage of Arts, London)
2017 “In Late Style” Written by Kenzaburo Oe (Tokyo)
2017 “Ping” Written by Samuel Beckett [France]
(GAP Award Exhibition “Black and White and Blue” in Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo)
2016 “Dear Gullivers” (Setouchi Triennale 2016 Exhibition “Complex Topography: Movement and Change”, Takamatsu)
2016 “Supermarket of Names” (Minato Media Museum 2016, Ibaraki)
2014 “Rashomon” (International co-production with Al-Kasaba Theatre [Palestine], Festival/Tokyo14, Tokyo)
2009 “Proserpina” Written by Goethe 
(Toga Director Concours and Festival/ Tokyo09 Spring, Toyama)
2008 “BOMBSONG” Written by Thea Dorn [Germany]
 (International Drama Reading Festival [Japan], Kawasaki)