Nobody’s Place/Nowhere’s Map (Japanese Version)

25. Jan - 3. Feb, 2019
The 6th lecture room, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

A sequel to the participatory project "Nobody's Place / Nowhere's Map" produced in Athens in 2018. A series of workshops were oparated every day with the updated method of participation for “Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibition” held in Ueno, Tokyo. The collective map expanded in the installation space while artists and visitors had conversations. During the one-week session, a total of 212 people participated in the project and freely noted the stories related to specific places on the map, following their memories and experiences related to the keywords selected by each.

>>Link to the original version in Athens

Special Thanks to:
George Stamatakis
Takako Abe

*This work won the First Prize 2018 at Tokyo University of the Arts, MA Global Art Practice, and has been stored in collection of the Tokyo University of the Arts Museum.