Jerusalem 0: Getting There

  • On 2014-02-13 ·

Muaz, our lighting designer and technical director showed us around Jerusalem today.
At 9am, we met at the theatre and decided to take the bus.

The segregation walls. These thinnish walls give the impression that ‘the other side is Israel.’
In many places though, the wall itself stands on Palestinian land – so this statement is not always true. On the ground, however, Israel controls ‘the other side.’


To go from Ramallah to Jerusalem, we went through the Qalandia checkpoint.
We got off the bus, and passed through the full-height turnstile, one by one, to enter.

Photography was prohibited inside.
We waited for our turns in the queue of Palestinians to proceed to security check, and show our passports and visas. Armed Israeli soldiers asked us several questions.

Eventually, we reached Jerusalem.