Jerusalem 2

  • On 2014-02-13 ·

Next we walked inside the Old City.
Muaz, born and raised in Jerusalem, was the best tour guide. Many of his friends and family live here. He took us into small alleys, and even inside houses.

The Old City of Jerusalem contains holy sites and houses and shops, all in one district.

This is a residential complex where Palestinian families live.
A Jewish family that lives in the upper floor throws down garbage, so they placed a net to prevent it from falling on them.

He took us to the rooftop.

These black tanks are found not only Jerusalem, but on rooftops of many Palestinian houses.
Israel controls major water sources. Because the supply is also controlled, Palestinian families fill up the tank when there is supply, and use water from it until the next supply comes.
But, the tank’s volume being what it is, water shortage happens often.

At the Muslim Quarter. The writing on the wall shows that a family member went to Mecca for pilgrimage.
We met many children.

We also visited the graveyard.
Graves for Muslims, graves for Christians, graves for Jews – separated as if for granted. And they all sit side by side.

The city has countless stories and legends.
Muaz explained: “Jesus Christ came walking here, through this valley, with the cross on his back.”

I was overloaded with information. Already too confused, I couldn’t fully process what I felt.