About May Hayashi

  • On 2018-02-09

The woman who came over and talked to me with a mixture of Japanese and some English while I was volunteering, is May. She has three children and four grandchildren. She came to America because she didn’t like the person her parents wanted her to marry, so she came here to follow the person she…

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Day 8

  • On 2018-02-08

oday begins with this person. As I skyped with this fourth generation artist, Jonathan Takahashi, who is presently in Beirut, the date changed. He is an artist and at the same time a member of LTSC. He was in Beppu last year for a month. He is one of the people who led me to…

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Day 7

  • On 2018-02-07

Next door to the Daimaru Hotel that I am staying at, is a bar called the Far Bar. The front door has the kanji characters “Far East Tower” written lightly. In the past, this was a Chinese restaurant that had a banquet room that the Japanese Americans used for various celebrations. In 1994, the large…

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Day 6

  • On 2018-02-06

I walked around today. I started my walk in the morning, taking in things slowly. I took my time and walked around the same block several times. Since the day I arrived here, the daytime has been warm like summer. Even in February, the temperature goes up to around 86 degrees, but today it was…

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Day 5

  • On 2018-02-05

This morning was my once-a-week meeting with Grant. As we had a light breakfast of latte and jam and bread, we talked about the progress made and this week’s schedule. Since I woke up early, I wanted to go somewhere, but all of the museums and galleries were closed on Mondays. Tomorrow Grant will connect…

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Day 4

  • On 2018-02-04

I’m spending a nice, peaceful weekend. Yesterday, I met up with a friend from my college days, who happens to be working in Downtown since two years ago, and her friend. The area next to Little Tokyo, which is called the Art District and was formerly a factory area, has now been renovated and is…

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Day 2

  • On 2018-02-02

As for where I am staying now, This is it. I really like it. As you walk in, there are clocks showing the time difference between Tokyo and Little Tokyo. They come in handy. At 10:00 this morning, I went to the Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) office to meet with Executive Director, Dean Matsubayashi….

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Day 1

  • On 2018-02-01

As I wait for my 9:50 flight, I imagine what the next 40 days will be like. When we cross over the Pacific Ocean, today should be heading into tomorrow, but instead it returns back to the beginning of today. It is a long Day 1. Now, I am heading toward a place of new…

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